• A journey to discover how astronomy

    Business and astronomy. Is that possible?

    Leading-On combines its methodology and broad experience in the business world, change management, and execution, with astronomy.
    An innovative product using the universe to facilitate business discussions.

  • The universe is....

    The universe is

    Huge, disturbing, empty, aggressive, hostile and very revealing. The cosmos is in constant and permanent change. Does it sound familiar to you? Astronomy is a source of inspiration to approach in a fresh way the problems of any business.

  • What is the link between astronomy and business?

    What is the link between astronomy and business?

    We begin a journey to be inspired by the universe, with activities that will challenge you to learn from your environment, from stories related to astronomy, and from their successes and their failures.
    Together we will learn to analyze the cosmos and discover some of the hidden secrets, to wake up emotion, and create memories that will last.
    We offer a memorable, unique experience, linked to the territory and culture, fresh and innovative, that will not be easy to forget.



Become aware of the dimension of the universe and the world around us.
Contemplate the reality from the Moon.
Take a bath of humility, reviewing how our perception of our place in the cosmos has been changing.

Opening the perspective helps us take better decisions and manage moments of complexity


Discuss the possibility of life in the universe.
Admire the beauty of the most enigmatic objects in the cosmos.
Be surprised by the images of distant worlds through the eyes of the probes that visit them.
Inspiration, to clear the mind and bring in new ideas


Analyze some of the key moments of the space race, discussing leadership and team management.
Face the unknown, manage uncertainty and constant change.
  Working out the insights of risk management. We will use cases and shocking facts to facilitate management


Get excited while contemplating a starry night.
Let your imagination fly, and walk among stars and distant planets.
Share emotions with your colleagues.
A memorable, exciting and hard-to-forget experience that will facilitate commitment with the discussed matters
What are the products that compose “A space to grow”?

What are the products that compose “A space to grow”?

“A space to grow” is structured into the following products, which can be contracted individually or under a combined approach:

  • Great impact programs.
  • “In-company” programs.
  • Conferences.
  • Events.
Great impact programs

Great impact programs

  • To facilitate discussions, to strengthen the team, to make decisions, and to commit. Ideal for top executive committees, mid-management, and departmental groups.

  • We will work in unique and inspiring locations. We have reached agreements with the Montsec Astronomical Park and with the Fabra Observatory in Barcelona

  • We impact participants through an immersion that transports them light years away from their day to day activities, inspire them for the management discussions, and improve their commitment thanks to a spectacular night sky.

"In-company" programs

  • Custom-made programs, in which Leading-On combines its experience in change management and people activations with the astronomy vector.

  • A different and refreshing way to approach training of the organization key competences. Astronomy teaches and inspires, while captivating the participants interest.

  • Adaptable to different issues and participants profiles. Specially when it is necessary to understand a change situation and achieve positive activation.


Emotions are the main route to commitment.

And what is more exciting and emotive than the universe and the space?

In my conferences we sail together through the cosmos, visit some of the most fascinating and enigmatic objects of nature, explore distant worlds in search of life, or save the lives of 3 astronauts who were almost dead inside the Apollo 13.

An innovative and fresh approach, completely customizable to facilitate reflection on the key issues your organization is interested in, using the cosmos as a bridge towards business.

An amazing journey, which generates impact, emotion, memories and commitment.



  • Activities to complement company or departmental events. Ideals for “kick-offs”, and company meetings, as they bring novelty, a refreshing approach, and emotional impact.

  • The activities can mix fun and discussions.

  • Adaptable to different formats and locations.
Who will be your guide?

Who will be your guide?

Joan A. Català Fundador de Leading-On y experto en astronomía

“I have a Master Degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics and a BSc in Chemistry. I am also an astrophotographer. I studied at IESE and at the Wharton School, and I have occupied top management positions in different companies. This has allowed me to directly get to know the link between business strategies and people.
From my experience, and thanks to this double vision, I founded Leading-On, to help people and organizations achieve their goals and activate transformation.
The universe has amazed me since I was a child. Now I link my professional experience with my knowledge in astronomy, to create this innovative, business-oriented product".

If you want to know more about me you can visit:

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